Sunday, April 3, 2016

Sum-It-Up Sunday : Week #11

Hello all!

It's been a wonderful first week back from spring break here at St. Mike's! We're hurling towards the end of the year faster than ever. It's both exciting and stressful, especially with class registration for rising seniors coming up at the end of this week (yikes!!!)!

Thankfully, we've been able to keep our minds off the stressful parts during our down time. Here's a quick look at the end of my spring break and our first week back at SMC...

The girl cousins on Easter!

Me and Spunky, my cousins' sixteen year old dog!!

As I've mentioned in a previous post, one of my favorite things to do at the end of breaks is making some baked goods to bring back to school! These brownies come out delicious every time!

This Saturday, we finally tried the Firebird Cafe in Essex Junction! It's super close to SMC, reasonably priced, and they have awesome food!! Jared and I both got the Chorizo Eggs Benedict with poblano cream sauce, homemade chorizo, and avocados! I highly recommend it.
On Fridays, my only class for the day is over at 11 AM, so it's usually my laundry day and my time to wind down from a busy week! But this Friday, I finally decided to sit down and create an online photography portfolio! If you're interested in seeing some of my more formal photography work, check it out here!

 Have a happy Sunday, and be sure to stay tuned for the next What-to-Know Wednesday on the 6th!

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