Wednesday, April 27, 2016

What-to-Know Wednesday : 5 Perks of Attending a Knightchat!

With this year's final Accepted Students Knightchat coming up TONIGHT, I can't think of a better time to discuss the top five reasons why you should be logging in tonight at 7:30!

1.) Get the chance to ask all your last burning questions about SMC before you make your decision!

2.) Get candid answers from current SMC students!

3.) Get advice and information from members of Admissions!

4.) Make connections with other prospective students!

5.) It's so much fun!!! 

I'll be there tonight, and I hope you will too! We look forward to your questions and conversation at 7:30 PM!

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Sunday, April 24, 2016

Sum-It-Up Sunday : Week #14

Hello all! It's been another wonderful week here at St. Mike's. With finals just around the corner and summer soon to follow, the anticipation has been building up right along with the temperatures! We had a beautiful spring week, and we're looking forward to a couple more before we all head home for the next few months!

This Thursday, we took advantage of a free afternoon on a beautiful day and got ourselves down to the Burlington waterfront! It was the perfect day to sit by the water and take in the best view in town.

On Saturday, we discovered a hike that quickly became a new favorite! The Nebraska Notch trail in Underhill, VT is a quick half-hour drive from SMC, generally the same route you'd take if you were headed to Smuggler's Notch. It's connected to a bunch of trails in the park (for example, we could have taken it all the way up Mt. Mansfield), but we opted for a four mile loop to the Taylor Lodge.

Found the log book right next to a copy of a Jimmy Buffet novel and a half-empty can of Heady Topper! This was certainly a well-loved spot by the locals, it seemed. 

While this trail was about the distance of Camel's Hump, there wasn't much altitude gain and we hit a lot of flat stretches. And as much as I love Camel's Hump, what I really loved about this hike was that we weren't looking at the same thing the whole way (i.e. trees). There was a lot of variety: bridges, streams, ponds, wide open areas, denser areas, etc. Long story short, it was beautiful, we'll definitely be back, and I highly recommend it! 

After our hike, we stopped by this adorable roadside pie stand on our way back to SMC. It's completely self-service, so all you do is walk in, leave your money in the box, and grab your pie! There's even a little picnic table, paper bowls and utensils if you feel like having a quick slice before you get back on the road.  
In addition to their flavors of the week, they also had a few special pies stored in a different fridge for a slightly higher price. We opted for the Key Lime pie, and it was absolutely delicious! Jared, a Key Lime fanatic, claims this was the best he'd ever had. So there you have it! Stop by Poorhouse Pies in Underhill- you definitely won't be disappointed! 

My parents came up for the weekend for a bike ride on the lake and to have a visit, so after our hike/pie experience, we met them for dinner at The Farmhouse downtown. This pork burger with cheddar cheese, arugula, kimchi and a sunny-side-up egg was absolutely to die for, especially with a generous squirt of their house-made aioli! 

I hope you all had a great week and a wonderful time in the sun these past few days! Stay tuned for the next What-to-Know Wednesday on the 27th!

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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

What-To-Know Wednesday : 10 Social Media Accounts Every SMC Student Should Be Following

Are you an accepted student, prospective student, or a current student? These are some of the accounts I find myself checking on a regular basis as a current student. Whether they're informative, entertaining, or both, these are all great accounts that I would recommend following to any and all of you!

1.) Saint Michael's College on Facebook

This is a must-follow for everything from scenic photos to historic #tbt's to event information! If you're a St. Mike's student, it's pretty much a given that you should like this page!

2.) Saint Michael's College on Instagram (@saintmichaelscollege)

The official St. Michael's College Instagram is the perfect account to follow for gorgeous campus shots and updates on things that are going on around campus!

3.) KnightlifeVT on Instagram (@knightlifevt)

Follow the Knight Life Instagram for a closer look into St. Mike's student life from the perspective of a different student every week!

4.) SMC Knights on Snapchat (@smcknights)

Be sure to follow the brand new St. Mike's Snapchat for real time updates on campus events, holidays, general campus goings on, etc.!

5.) SMC Dining on Twitter (@DiningSMC)

This account is the number one reason I ever use my Twitter account. Follow SMC Dining for daily updates on what's for lunch and dinner at Alliot!

6.) Vermont Photography on Instagram (@vermontphotography)

This account has no affiliation with SMC, but it's the perfect one to follow for all the best VT pics submitted from Vermonters themselves!

7.) The Defender on Instagram (@smc_defender)

The official Instagram account for St. Mike's' school newspaper, The Defender, includes "snow reports" on a weekly basis through the ski season for different mountains in the area!

8.) Church Street Marketplace on Instagram (@churchstreetmarketplace)

Church Street Marketplace's Instagram is a great account to follow for updates on different events going on downtown throughout the year! (Again, not affiliated with SMC, but an awesome one nonetheless!)

9.) Travel Vermont on Instagram (@travelvermont)

Looking for your next off-campus adventure? I've already snagged a couple of locations off this account for my VT bucket list!

10.) Ben & Jerry's on Instagram (@benandjerrys)

I mean, obviously.

I hope you'll check out these accounts for yourself! I've enjoyed meeting several accepted students over the past two weekends, and I hope to see you all on campus in the fall!

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Sunday, April 17, 2016

Sum-It-Up Sunday : Week #13

Hello all! It's been another wonderful week here at St. Mike's, and spring has finally arrived!! These last few weeks before finals and the end of the year are always stressful, but thankfully we've found ways around that this week.

As mentioned in my previous What-to-Know Wednesday, this Tuesday was Free Cone Day at Ben & Jerry's! Though it wasn't the most beautiful day to be waiting in a line all the way down Church Street, it's always an experience, and so so worth it in the end!

The end of the week finally brought this gorgeous weather we're having now. On Friday, we swapped a trip to the gym for a few laps through the Gilbrook Trail on campus!

On Saturday, we headed out for something a little more adventurous. I always say that one of the great things about living where we do in VT is that just a quick fifteen minutes down the road, you're in the middle of nowhere all of a sudden! Nothing beats these gorgeous views on the road.

The top of Mount Philo! It's a quick twenty minutes up, certainly no Camel's Hump. But it's a great little adventure for when you want the exercise and view of a hike, but don't want to make a whole day out of it! Plus, it's only about twenty five minutes from campus! 

Reflecting on important things, probably.

Poppin' bottles!

I hope you're all enjoying this beautiful start to spring! Until next time!

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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

What-to-Know Wednesday : 10 Thoughts Standing in the #FreeConeDay Line

We came, we saw, we conquered. But boy was it a process...

1.) "Yup...this line never gets any shorter."


 2.) "Annnnddd somehow it's still not spring. I am not dressed for this forty five minute wait."

3.) "Maybe we should pass the time with a photo-op. These aren't just for the children."

4.) "Wait, which flavor am I going to get?! There will be NO time for decision once I'm at the counter."

5.) "Let's opt for a classic. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough it is."

6.) "Ok, I'm ready for my free ice cream now..."

7.) "I think the end is in sight!! I can SMELL the ice cream." 


8.) "Here we are at the front of the line. Suddenly it's not so miserable anymore..."

9.) "I AM INSIDE BEN & JERRY'S. Mere seconds are left until we make ice cream contact."


10.) "Sweet, sweet VICTORY!!!"


Phew. We made it, guys. I hope you all enjoyed Free Cone Day as much as I did!

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Sunday, April 10, 2016

Sum-It-Up Sunday : Week #12

Hello all! It's been another wonderful week here at St. Mike's. I registered for my classes with complete success, and I also got some great news about next year!

Tried the new poutine mac & cheese at Our House Bistro on Friday night in celebration of my becoming next year's Online Media & Communications Coordinator for the Founders Society here at St. Mike's! Among other responsibilities, I'll be helping out with Open Houses and Accepted Students Days, so be sure to say hi if you see me!!!
A pretty view while greeting this Saturday's Accepted Students Day attendees! This was my first task in shadowing this year's current coordinators in preparation for next year's gig! It was still early in the day, so it was a little chilly and our dusting from the night before still hadn't melted, but in this photo the sun was finally starting to come out as a few last flurries were falling. I couldn't help but snap a pic!

In all my adventures in Vermont over the past few years I've spent here, no view has managed to beat that of a sparkling blue Lake Champlain! While the Burlington Waterfront still comes out on top for me, this view of good ol' LC at Red Rocks Park is still a pretty good one.

Admiring in awe!

No, contrary to popular belief, this was not all for me. A girl can dream though. Get your butt to Al's once you're settled at SMC in the fall. You will not be disappointed!

That's all for today, folks! Have a happy Sunday, and be sure to stay tuned for the next What-to-Know Wednesday on the 13th!

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