Wednesday, April 20, 2016

What-To-Know Wednesday : 10 Social Media Accounts Every SMC Student Should Be Following

Are you an accepted student, prospective student, or a current student? These are some of the accounts I find myself checking on a regular basis as a current student. Whether they're informative, entertaining, or both, these are all great accounts that I would recommend following to any and all of you!

1.) Saint Michael's College on Facebook

This is a must-follow for everything from scenic photos to historic #tbt's to event information! If you're a St. Mike's student, it's pretty much a given that you should like this page!

2.) Saint Michael's College on Instagram (@saintmichaelscollege)

The official St. Michael's College Instagram is the perfect account to follow for gorgeous campus shots and updates on things that are going on around campus!

3.) KnightlifeVT on Instagram (@knightlifevt)

Follow the Knight Life Instagram for a closer look into St. Mike's student life from the perspective of a different student every week!

4.) SMC Knights on Snapchat (@smcknights)

Be sure to follow the brand new St. Mike's Snapchat for real time updates on campus events, holidays, general campus goings on, etc.!

5.) SMC Dining on Twitter (@DiningSMC)

This account is the number one reason I ever use my Twitter account. Follow SMC Dining for daily updates on what's for lunch and dinner at Alliot!

6.) Vermont Photography on Instagram (@vermontphotography)

This account has no affiliation with SMC, but it's the perfect one to follow for all the best VT pics submitted from Vermonters themselves!

7.) The Defender on Instagram (@smc_defender)

The official Instagram account for St. Mike's' school newspaper, The Defender, includes "snow reports" on a weekly basis through the ski season for different mountains in the area!

8.) Church Street Marketplace on Instagram (@churchstreetmarketplace)

Church Street Marketplace's Instagram is a great account to follow for updates on different events going on downtown throughout the year! (Again, not affiliated with SMC, but an awesome one nonetheless!)

9.) Travel Vermont on Instagram (@travelvermont)

Looking for your next off-campus adventure? I've already snagged a couple of locations off this account for my VT bucket list!

10.) Ben & Jerry's on Instagram (@benandjerrys)

I mean, obviously.

I hope you'll check out these accounts for yourself! I've enjoyed meeting several accepted students over the past two weekends, and I hope to see you all on campus in the fall!

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