Wednesday, August 31, 2016

What-to-Know Wednesday : Welcome Back & Townhouse Tour!

Hello again, SMC!...and welcome back to Stories of St. Mike's!!!

It's so wonderful to be back here in Vermont kicking off my senior year (*still wondering where the last three years went*)!! I had a wonderful summer back in Newbury, MA filled with family, friends, and plenty of work and play! I hope you all enjoyed your summers as much as I did.

I'm coming to you straight from the middle of the first week of classes here at St. Mike's. The hustle and bustle of the first week is always an interesting mix of excitement and anxiety, but for now, we're enjoying ourselves as much as possible before the load of the semester truly kicks in!

As I'm getting settled into my townhouse in the 400s, I'm excited to give all you prospective students and underclassmen a digital tour of our humble abode, which we've quickly grown very fond of!

Home sweet home, TH 404!!
There are five residents to a 400s townhouse, and our common room provides a roomy, cozy space for all of us to lounge, eat, study, etc.! (Forgive the lack of decoration for now, there's much more to come!)

Speaking of seniors, our meal plan is reduced and we'll be cooking most meals in our own kitchen this year! As you can see, the shared kitchen comes fully equipped with an oven, electric stovetop, fridge and freezer, and a sink! In addition to the numerous drawers and cabinets, there is also a pantry/closet for even more storage. Between the five of us, there is more than enough kitchen space for all of our food, pantry items, and cookware! (Keep an eye out for upcoming What-to-Know Wednesdays, where I plan to discuss tips for maximizing space in a shared kitchen, ideas for quick and easy weeknight dinners, and more!)
This year, I have so much more space in my bedroom than I've gotten used to over the past few years!

I can't wait to spend my senior year in our lovely little home-away-from-home!

I hope you all have a great first week at SMC, or wherever you are. I'm looking forward to another year of bringing you all my tips, tricks, and stories of St. Mike's!

That said, be sure to stay tuned for this semester's first Sum-It-Up Sunday on the 4th to find out how I spent my first week back on campus!

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