Sunday, May 4, 2014

Wrapping it Up

I'll start with noting that sadly, this will be my last post of the year! It's been such a great time; I'm very sad that it'll be a few months before I'm blogging again. The good news is, I'll have plenty of great new ideas, stories, and photos to share come September!
The last few days have been both exciting and busy...I got one final out of the way, with one more to go on Tuesday. To celebrate the last weekend on campus, we ventured to Burlington one last time. Strawberry smoothies, playing with the lava lamps at Spencer's, puppy-petting on the boardwalk, and some more ski-drooling made for a great last trip.

Gonna miss this view for sure! 

In other news, the Cavanaugh family lost a valued member this weekend.

Loveable, energized, and fun till the end, Lucy will undoubtedly be missed. But thankfully, it was a quick escape to Gilbrook Trail (right next to campus) for a head-clearing hike.

Amidst everything going on, we've all made our last few days fun and chock full of great memories. It will be a long summer away from this place, but I know that returning will be even more glorious with a set of new faces to discover! As you prepare for your transition to St. Mike's throughout the summer, remember to continue making a few more high school memories.
On another note, I hope lots of you have begun considering the summer orientation options, WOW, POW, SOAR, Knight Overnight, and the Service Weekend. I went on POW, and as my first official St. Mike's experience, it was certainly an unforgettable one. I got the chance to meet several of my soon-to-be classmates, and I even met my very best friend Jared. It was an incredible weekend away that served as the perfect transition into starting my first semester of college. Already knowing a few familiar faces on move-in day was an invaluable comfort! Consider it very highly recommended! More information on POW and other summer orientation programs can be found here.
Lastly, as you pack and prepare, please try not to stress! St. Mike's sends plenty of reassuring information, packing lists, confirmation, etc. throughout the summer, so you will never be left behind or out of the loop! I cannot wait to meet you all in the fall!