Wednesday, April 13, 2016

What-to-Know Wednesday : 10 Thoughts Standing in the #FreeConeDay Line

We came, we saw, we conquered. But boy was it a process...

1.) "Yup...this line never gets any shorter."


 2.) "Annnnddd somehow it's still not spring. I am not dressed for this forty five minute wait."

3.) "Maybe we should pass the time with a photo-op. These aren't just for the children."

4.) "Wait, which flavor am I going to get?! There will be NO time for decision once I'm at the counter."

5.) "Let's opt for a classic. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough it is."

6.) "Ok, I'm ready for my free ice cream now..."

7.) "I think the end is in sight!! I can SMELL the ice cream." 


8.) "Here we are at the front of the line. Suddenly it's not so miserable anymore..."

9.) "I AM INSIDE BEN & JERRY'S. Mere seconds are left until we make ice cream contact."


10.) "Sweet, sweet VICTORY!!!"


Phew. We made it, guys. I hope you all enjoyed Free Cone Day as much as I did!

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