Sunday, January 31, 2016

Sum-It-Up Sunday : Week #2

Hello all!

It's been another wonderful week here at St. Mike's. We're getting into the groove with classes, new routines, and the winter season (even though it hasn't felt very wintry lately!).

On Friday, Jared and I went to Longhorn with my brother Colin and Isabel, who both go to Champlain College!

One of the great things about going to school in an area with lots of other colleges (like UVM and Champlain!) is that it's super easy to get together with any friends or family you have who attend there!

Yay for candids!! Always make sure the other person is done chewing before you spring a photo-op on them.

This weekend, we spent another lovely Saturday at Smuggler's Notch, our winter weekend go-to spot.

It was another great day out on the slopes!

Post-skiing snack!! If you don't think these things are the best, you're wrong.

Hope you all have a great week! Stay tuned for the next What-to-Know Wednesday on the 3rd!

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