Wednesday, February 3, 2016

What-to-Know Wednesday : Everything You Need to Know About Sloane

BLT Salad w/Avocado from Sloane!

Feeling like a switch-up in your weekly dinner options? Want the closest experience you can get to dining out without any hits on your credit card? Well do I have good news for you!!

Where & When
Sloane is St. Mike's second, smaller dining hall located on North Campus, about a mile up the road from main campus. They're open for dinner on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights, and it's included on your meal plan!


Since Sloane is a smaller space with limited table availability, you'll have to call ahead and reserve a table beforehand. You're probably better off calling the day before, or maybe even earlier.

Don't forget your Knightcard! It'll be swiped at the door, just like at Alliot.

What You're Getting

Once you arrive, you'll be seated immediately by your waiter or waitress. From there, you'll get an appetizer, entree, and dessert all ordered off a rotating menu!

While dining at Sloane does require a little extra effort, it makes for a great break in the week from the hustle and bustle of Alliot, and also helps make the dining hall experience a little more fun and special every once in a while! 

Enjoy, and thank me later!!

More Sloane Info 

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