Wednesday, December 9, 2015

What-to-Know Wednesday : Finals Prep

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 Hello all!

It's been a crazy, hectic, stressful start to the week-before-finals! But on the bright side, today's What-to-Know Wednesday marks my 100th post, which is super exciting! (But celebrate quickly, we've got some business to tend to!)

As I mentioned, this week is the week before finals. I have my last Art History class today, my last Business and Film classes tomorrow, and my last History of Rock class on Friday (woohoo!).

That being said, however, there's lots of preparation to be done before next week. So without further ado, here are a few tips and tricks on getting ready for finals week!

1.) Prepare Your Study Materials

Get those flashcards ready! You'll be glad you did that ahead of time.

2.) Prioritize

It goes without saying that the cumulative exam in your honors class should be weighed a little heavier than the take-home final for that class you coasted through all semester. But sometimes, you have some choices that are a little more difficult to make.

You'll probably have certain finals that you're a little more stressed out about than others. Sometimes most of your time gets sucked up by one big final that happens to fall before another big, stressful final. Long story short, you'll find yourself stuck in a sticky situation that requires you to prioritize studying for one before the other. And that's okay! As long as you're studying for both, you're good to go.

3.) Plan, Plan, Plan

One shining light in the darkness of finals week is that you don't have class, just your final exam periods, which actually frees up a lot of time that you don't usually have during a regular week. For example, I've got one final Monday, one final Tuesday, and then I don't have another until Friday. That leaves me two whole days of nothing smack dab in the middle of the week!

That being said, it's important that you use this time wisely, studying, getting ready to head home for the month, whatever you need to get done. Make sure you plan out this time, making note (preferably in your planner!) of the things you need to get done each day. This will make things a lot easier on you, and it will also ensure that you don't forget about anything throughout the hustle and bustle!

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Dora Ali said...

Informative post!!

Dora Ali said...

Informative post!!