Wednesday, November 4, 2015

What-to-Know Wednesday : 5 Key Tips For Staying Energized & Motivated

It's that time of year's getting darker earlier, temperatures are dropping, and workloads are picking up. It's the perfect storm, and chances are your energy reserves are drying up.

We're all here for school, and of course staying on top of your work and studying hard is a huge priority. But an even bigger priority that isn't emphasized enough is making sure you take care of yourself. If you don't take care of yourself, you certainly won't be able to take care of your mid-semester workload!

Remember the following tips, and you'll feel far less bogged down and ready to take on the week!

1.) Eat Well

Like I've said before- all those greasy cheeseburgers and grilled cheeses may seem tempting at first, but you're much better off if you try and save those options as a once or twice-a-week treat.

I'll be the first to admit that I'm not exactly the poster child for this tip, but your body will be fueled much more efficiently with some salads, deli sandwiches, or even something from the meat carving station that hasn't been slathered in butter and fried up on the grill...and you'll feel a lot better, too!

2.) Drink Well
I know your first inclination on a tired day might be to guzzle as much coffee as possible; I've certainly been guilty of this. And even though coffee gives you that quick jolt that you're looking for, it also does a great job of dehydrating you, which will contribute even further to your fatigue.

I understand it would be way too much of me to ask that you completely resist coffee altogether. No need to act rash. But instead try limiting yourself to 1-2 cups a day, and pound that H2O. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Your body will thank you.

3.) Sleep Well

It can be tempting to lay in bed watching Netflix after a long, hard day. And I won't stop you...go ahead, you deserve it. But try to limit yourself to one or two episodes, depending on how early you start. Your time will be far more efficiently spent sleeping, restoring your body and mind for the day ahead! 

4.) Do Something For YOU

It's so incredibly important to take a break from all your work; don't wait till you burn yourself out. 

Whether you're taking a solo walk, reading a book (that isn't for school), or even indulging in a few episodes of your favorite Netflix show, make sure you set aside some time to do something for yourself that you enjoy doing.

5.) Reward Yourself
It can be difficult to move past a bad grade here and there, and it's easy to give yourself a hard time about it. However, when things do go well, it's important to acknowledge that even more! Take a moment (or more!!) to celebrate!

Now let's get energized!...and stay tuned for the next Sum-It-Up Sunday on the 8th!

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