Sunday, December 13, 2015

Sum-It-Up Sunday : Week #15

Hello all!

It's been a wonderful last week of classes here at St. Mike's. Finals start tomorrow, and you know what that means...this marks the last Sum-It-Up Sunday of the semester! As always, it's been a great experience blogging to you, whoever you are, over these past fifteen weeks! I look forward to sharing my Christmas break with you at the start of spring semester. But in the meantime, you can still stay tuned this What-to-Know Wednesday for the semester's final post. Here's how I spent my last full week of the fall semester!

This Friday, I celebrated my 21st birthday! Jared's mom sent along a box filled with everything we needed to make a cake, from the hand mixer to the sprinkles! Additionally, my parents gave me a great pair of hiking boots, which I desperately needed!! Come spring, we'll be taking those mountains again in style (and much better prepared)!

Walking down Church Street to my birthday dinner. It's at its most festive this time of year! I love when it gets lit up for the holiday season.

Yesterday, we tried Sneakers Bistro in the Winooski Circle for the first time! Despite the hour-long wait (yes, an hour...for breakfast...), we got some great coffee and even better food.

Well folks, it's about that time. Good luck with finals week!!

This week, I'll be taking over the St. Mike's student-run Instagram account, so be sure to follow @knightlifeVT !! I'll be posting different parts of my week here at St. Mike's, even though it won't be a typical one!

See you there!

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