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What-to-Know Wednesday : Staying Organized in a Small Space

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Growing up, you probably got used to having a whole house's worth of space for all of your stuff. You slept in your bedroom and kept several key items there. All your toiletries, makeup, and hair-styling tools stayed in your bathroom. You probably had a few things scattered about your living room and basement. And of course, all the superfluous leftovers had an attic all to their own.

Once you get to college, however, you'll quickly discover that it's all about small spaces. Whether you're living in a two-person dorm room or a personal bedroom in your suite/townhouse, you're living out of that one space. And although St. Mike's has some pretty ideal living options, I won't lie to you when I say those spaces will probably be more limiting than you're used to!

First thing's first, being able to live in a small space heavily relies on your packing job, and there are some serious considerations to be taken throughout that process. But on today's What-to-Know Wednesday, I'm going to take you through an entirely different process that you'll go through once you've unpacked.

In a small space, it's extremely important that everything has its rightful place, can be navigated in a reasonable fashion, and most of all, stays that way! So without further ado, here are some key tips on staying organized in a small space!

1.) Give Your Bed a Boost! 

Most beds at St. Mike's can be lofted to a height of your choosing with the simple submission of a work order. Take advantage of this option!

Go high and push your whole desk under there, or go low to stash away a few storage bins and suitcases.

Whichever option works best for your stuff-to-space ratio, lofting your bed can give you an invaluable section of extra space. Utilize it well, and your room will start to feel a whole lot bigger!

2.) Doll Up Your Desk!

Don't let your desk serve as a disorderly dumping ground for stray assignment sheets, paychecks, and bills. Your desk will serve you best as an ecosystem of its own, whether or not you actually plan to study there.

Invest in some cute canvas bins, mini mason jars, and don't forget the desk decor!  This will help bring some order to your desk, as well as a little aesthetic to the organization process. You're less likely to let a space become messy if you like the way it looks when it's clean!

3.) Closets Aren't Just for Clothes!

Clothes only take up a fraction of all that closet space. There's no reason why the rest should go to waste! Utilize both the shelving above and the floor below for maximum storage opportunity.

Your closet is a great place to keep all those extra towels and blankets, a fold-up drying rack, mini vacuum, hamper, or anything else your needs call for!

4.) Surface = Storage!

Let no surface go unused!

Keep any plates and silverware on top of your mini fridge. Use your dresser as a bedside table and keep a box of tissues, your phone charger, and your coffee maker readily accessible on top. Heck, use your windowsill as a perch for whatever might fit there!

However you choose to utilize them, make sure you're taking advantage of all those spaces wisely!

5.) Calm, CLEAN, and Collected!

In a perfect world, all of our rooms would be kept perfectly neat and orderly at all times. And while the best way to clean is to keep it clean, we're all human in the end.

If you happen to let your room slip into disorder, it's important to set aside a time to restore that order. An uncluttered living space makes for a less cluttered mind! 

Make a routine out of keeping your space in order, and you'll be amazed at the organizational habits that fall into other aspects of your life.

Hope you enjoyed today's What-to-Know Wednesday! Now let's get organized!
And of course, be sure to stay tuned for the next Sum-It-Up Sunday on the 18th.

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