Wednesday, September 2, 2015

What-to-Know Wednesday : Living in Quad Commons

 Hello all!! To those of you returning to St. Mike's this fall, welcome back! And to all of you prospective students out there, welcome back to another year of Stories of St. Mike's!

It was a lovely summer break this year, kicked off with a two week trip to China (details, stories, and photos will come in a later post!), filled with lots of working and some fun stuff sprinkled in as well.
But, as always, I was itching to get back to Vermont, and of course, back to St. Mike's!

I moved in on Saturday, and we're currently halfway through our first week of classes. This semester, I'm taking History of Rock & Roll, Art History, Business Communications, and Adventure Film. Since MJD's program outline leaves an entire semester wide open for studying abroad and I've already done that this summer, my schedule has a few wild cards this semester. I'm taking Art History as another step towards fulfilling my Honors Program requirement, Adventure Film as another elective towards my major, Business Communication to learn more about the marketing side of what I'm already working on in my own major, and History of Rock & Roll just for fun! I'm liking everything so far, and I'm looking forward to see what the rest of my semester has in store!

This year will also be a little different because, at long last, I'm living in a suite! But not just any suite- I'm living in Quad Commons, the new building as of two years ago.

As I was preparing to move in, I found myself with tons of questions. What's it going to be like having my own bedroom? What sort of accommodations will the suite come with? What will I need to come prepared with this year that I didn't have to in previous years?

For those of you with the same questions and those of you with any aspiration to land the coveted Quad suite in the future, I've decided to use my first What-to-Know Wednesday of the semester to provide a virtual room tour!

For those of you who may not already know, your typical four-person suite includes four separate bedrooms, a common area, and two bathrooms.

This is our common room. The couches came with the suite, and one of my suite-mates decided to put her TV in the common room for everyone to use. I decided I also wanted to have my own TV in my bedroom for more low-key movie nights or Netflix binges. However, for those of you with the same idea, be warned that only the common room comes with cable access. What I usually do with the TV in my bedroom is get up a movie or show on my laptop and plug it into my TV with an HDMI cable. BUT, as of this year, everyone on the St. Mike's network has free access to XFINITY cable on their laptops! All we have to do is follow the link on the portal, select our school, and we're in! So even if your room doesn't have the cable outlet, you still have access to cable!

Also in our common room, we have some storage cabinets (as well as a closet that is not pictured), a microwave, a full-sized fridge, and a table, all of which came with the suite. (Keurigs not included!!) 

And without further ado...the most exciting part!

This is my bedroom! I won't lie- they're small. However, the beds can be lofted, there's a ton of closet space (as well as plenty of storage in the common room), and it's perfectly possible to live in a room this size even with a ton of stuff! So far, I'm absolutely loving it.

Don't know about you, but I'm loving this suite! The only thing to be wary of, however, is make sure you bring your own bathroom cleaning supplies! That task will no longer be taken care of for you! With great freedom comes great responsibility. 

Until next time, folks! Stay tuned for this semester's first Sum-It-Up Sunday on the 6th!

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