Sunday, April 13, 2014

Home Stretch!

As the semester is coming to an end and the weather has begun to warm up (thank god!), there have been lots of things to do!
Earlier this week, I made it to Church Street for Ben and Jerry's' Free Cone Day! Even though it rained a little on our way over, we managed to get lucky and it stopped just in time. The line extended through most of Church Street, but it was worth it! Especially since we correctly answered a trivia question that bumped us to the front of the line...if you ever need to know which Ben and Jerry's flavor is the most popular in Japan, it's Cherry Garcia!

After a brief wait in line on this cold, soggy day, we finally made it out with our free ice cream...what better ice cream is there?

In other news, it's hard to imagine as students have begun to lay their blankets out on the lawn and whip out their guitars that it snowed under a week ago...if there's one thing I've learned about Vermont, it's that you never know. Sundresses one day, flurries the next. Even though it was brief, it certainly sent a panic through campus on Tuesday morning. 
Thankfully, that came and went, and I think it's safe to say that Spring has officially sprung! Though this past Friday was a bit of a stressful one with class registration for next Fall looming over our heads, we made it a good one with a trip to the Champlain waterfront, my favorite place in Burlington! 

It's always a gorgeous day at the waterfront...the only struggle is deciding which lake shot to Instagram! #SoManyChoices
Somebody spotted Champ, the Champlain lake monster.
We also made a quick stop into SkiRack, because it's never a bad idea to drool over the latest models. 

Wasting time before catching the bus...camping wine glasses, anyone? Always fun finds at Outdoor Gear Exchange.
As hard as it was to tear myself away from the sunny campus, we had to make one last Smugg's trip on Saturday to get in some Spring skiing before putting away all the hand-warmers for the season. 
A little sticky, but it was a beautiful, warm day. It was the first time in a long time that I had no layers constricting my head freeing!

I swear I could see Lake Champlain...and farmland...and across the entire state. Thankfully, it wasn't a crowded day, so I could stop and take all the pictures I wanted without a judgmental eye or  catastrophic crash.

Fun find of the day...a crafty wind chime made from ski poles!

I'll certainly miss Smugg's in all of its skiing glory and photo ops...but I'll happily trade it in for the beach just for a little while! 
It was a fun week accomplished before the stress of next year's housing and final exams hit, but we'll all make these next couple of weekends at St. Mike's worth our while for sure!



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