Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter!!!

To those of you out there who celebrate, happy happy HAPPY Easter!
Oh, the perks of a Catholic college- Friday and Monday off! St. Mike's is coming to the end of a quick little Easter break, and it's insane to think that after just a few finals, packing, and of course P-Day, I'll be done with my freshman year of college! Time FLIES.
As always, I'm beyond super excited to be headed back up to St. Mike's tomorrow (I feel like I say this every time...), and I'm surprised at how sad I am to be leaving in just a couple of weeks.
I've heard of a couple of friends who will be coming up to St. Mike's in the fall as freshman- SO excited! And to the rest of you who also made the right choice in choosing St. Mike's, I'm equally as excited to see all of you in the fall! I hope you're just as excited too.
So, to wrap things up: a little peek of today's Easter goodies...

 Easter basket finds...malted milk ball eggs! Whoppers, anyone? One of my favorites.

One of Auntie's many dessert creations: red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting, covered in Cadbury Eggs! (Needless to say, my eyes were bigger than my stomach on this one. God bless holiday food! Gotta love a good excuse to stuff your face.)

In other news, I'm all packed up and ready to go for tomorrow morning...comin' in hot, St. Mike's!
PS, I can only hope that all you incoming freshmen will share my enthusiasm for this place come fall-time! See you soon!!!

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