Sunday, April 6, 2014

Fun in Historic Jericho

If you're ever venturing up to the Smuggler's Notch area, you'll pass through an adorable little town called Jericho. This week, I made it up there with my freshman seminar class on a field trip (yes, those still happen at St. Mike's)! We visited the snow-making crew at Smugg's and heard the tales of their's definitely a much more difficult job than most of us would think! Later on, we visited Old Mill Park and the Snowflake Bentley exhibit (only a 30 minute drive, and well worth it!) where we witnessed the original copies of his iconic crystal photography.

Bentley ventured out into snowstorms with a piece of black velvet and a feather, selecting the perfect snowflake, holding his breath, and capturing it with his microscope and camera contraption before it melted! He made a life of this, never marrying and living with his mother- that's passion!

Some of Bentley's original handwritten letters.

A quilt made by his mother.

The beautiful gift shop! 
I definitely recommend stopping by after a day at Smugg's, or even if you just happen to be in the area! (It's also very close to Snowflake Chocolates, I mean, if you're into that kind of thing...) 

In other news, the weather seems to have turned, although I'm not quite sure if I should get too excited just yet. As of now, however, campus seems to be turning green! Skies have been blue, and clouds have been few! A few muddy puddles aside, campus has been gorgeous!
The view from good old Lyons 411!

It was amazing seeing so many families at the Accepted Students Day yesterday. There was quite a bit of enthusiasm for such a cloudy day! I take that as a good sign. Can't wait to see every one of you in the Fall!

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