Sunday, February 16, 2014

Mike's Movies!

An exciting part about coming to St. Mike's is that we're even given options for those times when we just don't feel like being exciting! Which we can all admit, I'm sure, happens more than we'd like.
So for when those times hit, one may venture to the portal. For the prospective students out there, the portal is a St. Mike's student's access to everything St. Mike's: email, class registration, your class schedule, announcements and reminders for events or other goings-on, and even the weather forecast! A new addition to the portal for these times that we just don't feel like being exciting is the ironically quite exciting Knightflix. Yes, while the name is a spin off of Netflix, a St. Mike's student doesn't have to pay for a subscription. Yes, we are given access to more titles than we could ever hope to tackle! And as cliche as it may sound (still going to say it!)  there truly is something for've got your action, your thrillers, your chick flicks, all those 80's classics, and loads more.
And if one of those nights that you feel like being slightly more exciting comes around, there's always the Saint Michael's Film Series- a new movie is put on somewhere on campus every week! A professor knowledgeable on the context or period introduces the movie, and delivers a brief synopsis. And no, you won't feel like you're sitting in a lecture hall (even though you might actually be), as long as you take advantage of the free popcorn and soda (who wouldn't go for that alone?!).
Long story short- even if you are just sitting on your bed, or maybe even in a lecture hall, there are always options; there is always something to do at St. Mike's!

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