Sunday, February 9, 2014

Snowy Times at St. Mike's!

One of the best parts of St. Mike's is those sudden snow surprises! Last week, campus got hit and was immediately washed in white. It made for some great skiing, as well as some of my favorite St. Mike's shots yet! All can be found (along with lots of other St. Mike's shots!) under #smcvt on Instagram.

One of the other best parts of St. Mike's (yes, there are more than one!) is that the classes not only teach you more about who you want to be once you enter the work force, but also more about what's going on around you. You are given the opportunities to learn about life near and far away. What's even better than this is that professors here actually make you want to learn about these things. And once you have, experiencing these things is infinitely more thrilling.
One of the best examples of that in this particular time of year is my freshman seminar, Snow: Art and Science. In this class, we are able to learn not only about the artistic, visual experience of snow, but also the even cooler parts like crystal formation! It comes as no surprise that this has made the weekly ski adventure even more exciting.

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