Sunday, February 23, 2014

Knightchats, the Slush Sessions, and Pizza!

I had my first Knightchat experience this past Wednesday, the 19th- and I must say, it was some quite enjoyable chaos! The parents all had such great questions. Knowing especially how stressful it was for myself and my parents to have these burning questions (none of which are small, stupid, or insignificant!), it felt amazing to be the one that provided the answer this time.
Considering it lasted for an hour and a half, it flew by! It was a great time, and I highly encourage accepted students (and their parents!) with those burning questions to partake in one of the upcoming Knightchats:
- Thursday, 3/27
- Wednesday, 4/9 (parents only)
- Wednesday, 4/23
Check out all this fantastic Q&A from Wednesday!

In other news, while last weekend was a powdery wonderland, this past one was a bit of a slushy disappointment. A slush show? The slush sessions? Regardless, it didn't make for the most exciting day of skiing, but we made a day of it nonetheless.
It all began with the rain...DISCLAIMER: the iPhone does NOT have this impressive of a lens. Although it was in fact raining, the appearance of rainfall was enhanced with an effect on Pixlromatic (a highly recommended app, I must add). :(
Though it may look like we had abundant snow, all that white was mostly an ice sheet. :( 

It was a warm day, which I certainly can't complain about considering temps of previous ski adventures, but a cautious one. Crossing my fingers for another glorious storm! 
While the day may have been a let-down, the following midnight snack was not. Praise Domino's, once again! (I'll never get tired of it, I swear. And the best part is, guess who has leftovers??)
Long story short, it's another weekend come and gone. But we sure made the best of it!
Hope we hear from all of you in upcoming Knightchats, I'll be attending on 4/23! Looking forward to it. :)

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