Wednesday, March 1, 2017

What-to-Know Wednesday: Why I Love Being a Founders Society Coordinator at SMC

Hey Founders Society! It's that time of year again- we have begun the application process for next year's Founders Society coordinators! 

If you've been reading along on my blog, you know that I've been working as the Online Media & Communications coordinator this year. For me, it's been a rewarding experience in many ways:

1.) Work as a team!

As a Founders Society coordinator, I work with three other Founders coordinators: the Open House coordinator, Tour Guide coordinator, and Alumni Relations coordinator. Throughout the year, we've worked together planning and running different events, and each of us brings our own strengths to the table. It's been an amazing experience growing closer as coworkers and as friends, and I know Founders brings that unique experience in teamwork!

2.) Become more informed & involved on campus!

One of the biggest roles of the Founders Society on campus is to coordinate a group of informed student ambassadors. Even as a coordinator, I'm learning more and more every day about different parts of the SMC community- whether that's majors, activities, clubs, programs, etc.!

3.) Connect with prospective students & families!

There's nothing more rewarding as a Founders coordinator to know you've reached a prospective student in some way- whether that's through a Knight Chat, blog post, tour, Open House or Alumni Event! As a coordinator, I have the opportunity to connect with prospective students through every branch of Founders.

Are you interested in applying to be a Founders Society coordinator for next year? 
The deadline is THIS FRIDAY (3/3)!
(The application is attached on an e-mail that was sent to the Founders listserv yesterday.)

Our open positions are:
- Online Media & Communications Coordinator 
(Contact: Claire Cavanaugh at and/or Allison Scavotto at ) 
- Alumni Relations Coordinator
(Contact: Chris Holloway at and/or Allison Gardner at
- Open House Coordinator
(Contact: Hailey Dubuque at and/or Matt Seklecki at


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