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What-to-Know Wednesday : 14 Things to Love About Vermont


Hello all! In honor of Valentine's Day coming up, I can't think of a better time to bring you an all-encompassing list of everything I've come to love about Vermont over the past three-and-a-half years, which as I'm sure you all know if you've been reading along, is so so much!

I hope this will get you excited for your own Vermont experience, as well as for the big day on Tuesday the 14th (yes, that's why I decided on fourteen things in case you were wondering)!

1.) The Nature

You won't experience a prettier foliage season or a more magical winter anywhere else!

2.) The Fun Spots

Whether you're up for apple picking, window shopping on Church Street or touring a local factory (Cabot cheese, Champlain Chocolates, you name it), there's always something fun to do whatever the season!

3.) The Food

You can't beat downtown classics like Ri Ra's, Sweetwaters and American Flatbread, but the smaller, cozier Winooski spots like Our House, Tiny Thai and Papa Frank's simply cannot be overlooked!

4.) The People

It's truly a different mentality here! Last week, my dad let me know I'd received mail from Vermont at home in Massachusetts. After I asked him to open it, I quickly discovered I'd dropped three gift cards at a rest stop in Vermont on my way back to school after Christmas break. One of the cards was from Stowe, and the wonderful people at the rest stop not only called Stowe to verify the owner of the card, but also used that information to mail all three gift cards to me at my home address with a letter to explain. Immediately, my first thought was that this wouldn't have happened anywhere else! It's a story I'll always remember when I look back fondly on my time in Vermont.

5.) The Schools

Of course SMC is a no brainer love of mine here in VT. However, it's also important to remember all the other schools in the area, combining to make Burlington and nearby towns the perfect college atmosphere.

6.) The Culture

Whether you're seeing a show at the Flynn theater downtown or visiting UVM for a screening from a touring outdoor film festival, there's no shortage of cultural happenings here!

7.) The Philosophy

Vermont is undoubtedly a special place, and there seems to be a set of unspoken Vermont-isms that define just how special it is.

8.) The Passion

There's a pride that comes with being here, and I've never met a person who isn't proud and thankful to be in a place like Vermont.

9.) The Variety

With the bustling Burlington a mere ten minutes from campus, the beautiful Vermont wilderness isn't much farther. You truly get the best of both worlds here.

10.) The Opportunity

Being so close to Burlington, the opportunity for internships and jobs is in your immediate access!

11.) The Community

Everyone here shares the same love for everything Vermont has to offer. Becoming a part of things and giving back is easier than ever here!

12.) The Adventure

Whether you're hiking Camel's Hump or skiing at Smuggler's Notch, adventure is in abundance here!

13.) The Icons

Do Ben & Jerry's, Cabot cheese, Heady Topper or Bernie Sanders ring a bell??

14.) St. Mike's!

Because, obviously.

Enjoy Vermont and be sure to share everything it offers with your loved ones! Happy Valentine's Day!

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