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What-to-Know Wednesday : Why All Prospective Students Should Be Following SMC's Student Blogs

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Those of you who have read my post about SMC's Founders Society are experts by now on tours, Open Houses, Knight Chats, and other ways to interact with current SMC students as a prospective student. Throughout your prospective process with SMC, these interactive experiences are vital towards building a vision of yourself as a future St. Mike's student, and I recommend you participate in them all at some point!

However, another key tool in building a well-rounded view of student life at St. Mike's is often overlooked. In addition to running our Instagram (follow @knightlifeVT) and Snapchat (follow at smcknights), our student Social Ambassadors each run a personal blog about the St. Mike's experience (yes, there's an entire team of us, and a whole bunch of blogs to show for it)!

As a Social Ambassador since my first year at SMC, part of the reason why I love blogging so much is that I firmly believe blogs can provide a unique view of student life that no other platform can. So without further ado, here are five reasons why all prospective students should be following the Student Blogs!

1.) Have your FAQs answered in deeper detail.

Tours and Knight Chats are invaluable opportunities to ask questions of current St. Mike's students. Responses are on the spot, quick, and personalized. Our Social Ambassadors also write their blogs with prospective students in mind. Chances are, certain topics that pertain to your frequently asked questions are addressed in some blog posts!

2.) Get an idea of your goals.

Reading about a current student's different on campus involvements might give you an idea of different majors, extra curricular activities, clubs or sports you may want to pursue as a student.

3.) Make connections.

Similarly to how your tour guide might hand out their business card at the end of a tour, most of our Social Ambassadors include contact information on their blogs to be reached by prospective students for questions, comments, or just to say hi! That's certainly an inside contact to take advantage of, especially if a particular Social Ambassador has blogged about things you may be interested in pursuing as a student.

4.) Follow along on a current student's journey.

Some of our Social Ambassadors, myself included, post on a weekly basis. If you ask me, there's no better way to get a complete, full view of SMC student life than to see one chronicled on a weekly basis!

Find the full list of our Social Ambassadors and the links to their blogs here! Happy reading!

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