Wednesday, September 14, 2016

What-to-Know Wednesday : Why SMC's Founders Society Needs YOU

Hey St. Mike's!

With time flying faster by the day, week three is already underway. And between classes, activities and hanging onto summer's last remains, we all have a billion things going on.  But yesterday, something BIG happened that I think everyone in the St. Mike's community would benefit from knowing about: the semester's first meeting of the Founders Society!!

Considering Founders' huge role at St. Mike's, my fellow coordinators, our advisors and I are surprised by campus' lack of general knowledge about it. So I'm here to fill you in!

What is Founders?

In a nutshell, Founders brings the St. Mike's community together to interact with, inform, and excite prospective families and students by sharing the best of our community, campus, and student life.

How do we do this? In several ways...all of which YOU can be a vital part of:

Open Houses 

You all went to at least one as a prospective student checking out St. Mike's for the first time. And I'm sure you remember the excitement, nerves, and questions that came with that experience. No one understands it better than current SMC students who have been there themselves!

By volunteering at an Open House (for which you do not need to be a Tour Guide or Social Ambassador, by the way), you get to relive and share that experience with kids who are in the same boat you were just a couple of years ago. You once had all of those questions- and it's pretty rewarding to be able to answer them for someone else and help guide them through such an important day in their decision process.

Tour Guides

Giving tours at St. Mike's is a great way to share your St. Mike's experience with prospective or accepted students and show off the campus you call home. For students and parents visiting SMC, campus is brand new to them. Helping to form some of their first impressions of St. Mike's could be a determining factor in their decision to become a Knight!

Social Ambassadors

Want to be part of a team who makes the decisions behind St. Mike's' Instagram and Snapchat? Interested in running your own blog about the St. Mike' experience? Please consider becoming a Social Ambassador!

Being a Social Ambassador since my first year at SMC has been one of the most rewarding parts of my college career. As a lifelong lover of writing and pictures, it's been amazing to reach out to prospective students and share my experiences at St. Mike's through this platform. And to know I'll have this blog to look back on post-grad is an even better feeling!

Knight Chats

This year, for the first time ever, we are opening up Knight Chats to all of Founders Society! Knight Chats are a fun, interactive group gathering in which us current students engage in a question-and-answer session with prospective students and parents in a chatroom format. It's a great time, there is usually pizza, and it's yet another great way to connect with prospective families and share your experiences!

Alumni Events

As sad as it is to think about leaving St. Mike's one day, we'll all be graduates at some point! That said, making connections with alumni now can be a great step towards maintaining important connections down the road.

Attending different Alumni Events throughout the year is a great step in these efforts! For example, Alumni Weekend is this weekend, and the Career Symposium is November 11th!

Interested in joining an activity? Important contacts are:

- Online Media & Communications Coordinator (Social Ambassadors, Knight Chats)
Claire Cavanaugh (

- Open House & Yield Events Coordinator
Hailey Dubuque (

- Alumni Relations Coordinator (Alumni Events)
Chris Holloway (

- Tour Guide Coordinator
Brian Shearer (

We hope to hear from you!

Founders meeting dates this semester are as follows:
Tuesday, October 4th
Tuesday, November 1st
Wednesday, December 14th

We hope to see you there!

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