Wednesday, May 11, 2016

What-to-Know Wednesday : 3 Takeaways From Junior Year

Looking back on my third year at SMC, it's getting harder every day to believe that I only have one year left!

To any current or future SMC juniors, these are my three biggest takeaways that I've reflected on as my junior year comes to a close:

1.) Planning ahead

Pay attention to your credits. If you happen to be a credit or two behind, or one of the classes you need to take next semester is only half-credit, now is the time to make sure you're compensating for that. Depending on your major, your course load may be pretty extensive in your senior year. Make sure you're planning a balanced schedule to ensure you're prioritizing what you'll need to focus on the most.

2.) Reflecting back and looking forward

Have you been making the most of your opportunities at St. Mike's? Have you been getting involved and accomplishing the goals you set going in? What can you do in your final year at SMC to make sure you made your time here as fulfilling as possible?

3.) Staying in the moment

With only one year left in your time at SMC, the last three years seem to have flashed by in a second. Enjoy every bit of what's offered to you up here while you can!

I hope you've all enjoyed another year of Stories Of St. Mike's! I'll be back in the fall, so stay tuned! But in the meantime, I wish everyone a wonderful summer. To all you incoming freshmen, I hope you're looking forward to St. Mike's as much as we're looking forward to having you!

Until next time!

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