Sunday, May 8, 2016

Sum-It-Up Sunday: Week #16

Hello all! It's been a wonderful last full week here at St. Mike's! With finals underway and move-out so close we can taste it, it's been a real rush this past week.

On Thursday, all us China-goers had a reunion almost a year later at the Sherpa Kitchen downtown! It was great to reflect on the trip, swap stories and see all the graduating seniors off! 

Plus it didn't hurt that some great food was involved...

Saturday morning smoothie bowls at the Juicebox! With the farmer's market up and running again and a Bernie Sanders festival going on by the water, downtown was hoppin' yesterday! 

A beautiful few at the top of Snake Mountain! The hike itself requires plenty of mud and bug endurance, but I'd say it's worth it for that spectacular overlook at the top!

A tasty dinner date with my brother last night at Tiny Thai! 

Good luck with finals everyone! I hope all you current, prospective and incoming students alike enjoyed my last Sum-It-Up Sunday of the year! Be sure to check out my last What-to-Know Wednesday and final post of the year on the 11th!

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