Friday, October 2, 2015

BONUS POST : Open House Next Weekend!!!

Hello all! (And stop panicking, it's an old photo. No snow on the ground yet!)

If you're a regular reader (which I hope you are!) you'll know it's not often that I stray from my usual Wednesday/Sunday format. But today I've made an exception!

As I hope many of you know already, we have an Open House coming up next weekend here at St. Mike's! Open Houses are a great chance to get on campus, look around, talk to students, and form your first impressions of St. Mike's. And that's no scripted a wildly enthused prospective student, I want to say I probably went to two or three Open Houses!

For me, St. Mike's was an instant fit. You'll be surprised how much impact a campus visit can make on the decision process! Sometimes it really just comes down to that gut feeling...Can I see myself walking around this campus as a student? 

 And right from that first visit, I really did!

But enough about me. Here are some of the most crucial reasons why you should totally be there next weekend!!

1.) Gather important info!

An Open House will be one of your best resources to gather information on all that stuff you've been wondering about...a major you might want to pursue, clubs you might want to join, or any tips for things like application and financial aid. So ask away!!  

2.) See the campus in color!!

We're at that optimal time of year- not too hot, not too cold, and some fall foliage is just starting to make its first appearances. Frankly, there's no better time to come! And as I mentioned, it's so important to see campus and get a feel of what it will actually be like. After all, you'll be spending most of your time there!

3.) Get the inside scoop!

Whether you're chatting with your tour guide or you happen to exchange a few words with a random passerby, Open Houses are a great opportunity to get some candid answers to some candid questions! No one will be more honest with you than someone who actually goes here. But trust me, I can guarantee you now that you'll only ever hear amazing things!

4.) Meet potential future friends!

Another great thing about Open Houses is that you can start getting to know the people who could end up being in your class or living on your floor! Forming connections now is also an awesome asset through those first couple weeks of freshman year when everyone is still meeting each other. A familiar face is an invaluable move-in-day comfort!

5.) Get to know the area!

Dinner in Burlington might be the best part of a St. Mike's visit. Once all the Open House festivities have come to a close, explore the areas that you'll be frequenting with friends as a student! Get a bite to eat in Burlington, take a walk down to the waterfront, grab a cone at Ben & Jerry's...and that's just the tip of the iceberg! Take a good look around, and you just might find a favorite spot!

Hope to see you around campus next weekend!

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