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What-to-Know Wednesday : What's in the Bag?

Whether you're going to class, going to Alliot, going to study, or going to hang out, it's important that you're always prepared for every situation.
So on today's What-to-Know Wednesday, I'll be going over some key items you'll want to have on hand depending on where you're headed.  

1.) To Class // To the Library

 It's all about the backpack (duh)!

First thing's first, always have a water bottle, and if you're headed out to your first class of the day, don't forget your travel coffee mug. Both are absolute musts. 

Next on the list is your handy dandy planner (I'll probably be dedicating an entire What-to-Know Wednesday about this soon). Whether you're going to class or headed to the library, keep your planner in your backpack. You never know when you'll need to make a note of a meeting, a reminder, an assignment, etc.

 Other must-haves for inside your backpack are...
1.) A pencil case: Keep a pen, pencil, highlighter, flash drive, white-out, hand-held pencil sharpener, and hand sanitizer in there at all times. These are the things you'll probably find yourself reaching for the most, and like your best buddy, it's nice to know they'll always be there in your time of need.
2.) A stapler (preferably a mini one, but I'm still working on that): After hastily printing your assignments wherever you happen to be doing your homework, it's good to have a stapler on hand. If you wait to get back to your room to staple everything, you leave it up to chance that you'll forget, and end up showing up to class the next day with a stack of loose papers. Womp, womp. 
3.) Headphones: Maybe you like to listen to some tunes while you do your work. Maybe you have a movie to watch for an assignment. Or, maybe you're just waiting an extra couple of minutes for your homework buddy at the end of a session, and there's always a Buzzfeed video or two to occupy yourself with. Whichever situation applies to you, it's always nice to have your headphones on hand just in case. 
4.) Flash Cards: I've mentioned before that flash cards are an absolute must in my personal study routine, so I mostly keep them in my backpack so I don't have to try and remember to grab them on a particular night that I'm studying for a random quiz or test. 
5.) Lady Supplies: Sorry fellas- it had to be said. Girls, I can't begin to explain how invaluable it is to keep something in there at all times, just in case. We all know what it feels like to get stranded somewhere unprepared, so it's best to avoid that situation at all cost!!

During these winter months, I'm gonna be honest with ya...St. Mike's gets pretty darn cold. Thankfully, you're never more than a five minute walk from your destination on main campus, but it's always a good idea to keep some gloves on hand just in case (pun not intended).

[All of the above, of course, excludes the books/notebooks/binders/folders you'll be bringing for the classes you're attending or doing homework for.]

2.) Class // Library //  Friends' Rooms  // Alliot // Off Campus // EVERYWHERE

A small purse/wristlet/wallet should be coming with you wherever you go! On top, you'll find the type of thing that girls typically carry around, and on the bottom, what boys typically carry around.

I love carrying around a wristlet (you can find some awesome ones from Vera Bradley, which is sold in the campus bookstore, but I got mine online). I like to have a little bit of cash, my Knight Card (student ID), my driver's license, my phone, my keys (dorm room and mailbox), and a couple of spare hair elastics with me wherever I go. A wristlet is a small, easy thing to carry around, and it's just the right size for all the bare necessities. If you're one of those girls who doesn't find the need for a big purse like me, a wristlet is the perfect option for you. 

As for the boys, if you're leaving your room or leaving campus, your wristlet equivalent will most likely be a wallet and a lanyard. Your wallet for cash, your driver's license, and cards, and a lanyard for your keys and Knight Card. 
PSA: When I say take these (wristlets/wallets) wherever you go, I really do mean wherever you go. You'll avoid locking yourself out of your room, losing your phone, losing your keys, losing your Knight Card, and most importantly, you'll avoid ever being stuck somewhere without these few things that you need to freely get around campus. Late for a meeting? You've only got one thing to grab and you're off. Fire drill in your dorm? It's a comfort to know that everything you need to get around campus and stay in contact with everyone is all right there in one thing. Simple, quick, easy, done.

So there you have it- what's in the bag(s) for moseying in, around, and off campus. Be prepared, be ready, be victorious!

Hope you all enjoyed today's What-to-Know Wednesday...stay tuned for the next Sum-It-Up Sunday on the 8th!

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