Sunday, February 1, 2015

Sum-It-Up Sunday : Week #3

Hello all!
Once again, we've left behind yet another busy week. And, most tragically of all, most of us have left behind our hometowns...which were absolutely slammed with snow this week. While good old Newbury, MA got just about three feet, we only got about five inches here.

[A shot sent from home...**cue jealousy here**]

But all that aside, it's been another great week at St. Mike's. Keep this on the down low...but of all the Instagram photos I see from friends at other colleges, while all have been gorgeous, I still think St. Mike's is one of the prettiest campuses when blanketed with snow.

Dear Mother Nature: if it's not gonna be green and lush, lay down the snow. All the snow.

To end another busy week, we made our way into Williston on Friday night.
A quick PSA: As I've discussed in a previous blog, while Burlington makes for a classic night out on the (college)town with its wide variety of restaurants, a lit up Church Street, and bustling atmosphere, Williston provides a great alternative in many ways.
In Williston, not only do you have a Walmart (a cheap stop for all your snack-eating, house-warming, and simple life-living needs), but you'll also find a lot of the restaurants you know and love from home, most of which are much cheaper means of treating yourselves than some of the means you might find in downtown Burlington.

So, we took advantage of some Christmas gift cards and set out for Longhorn Steakhouse. (Any soon-to-be-college-parents out there? This is a stellar gift. Some well-loved restaurants in a reasonable radius from St. Mike's are American Flatbread, Our House Bistro, Chipotle, Olive Garden, Buffalo Wild Wings, Five Guys, and even Longhorn and Outback Steakhouses for a bit of a fancier date night.)

[Sweet chili calamari appetizer]

[Jared with a couple of his longtime faves: a T-bone with the steakhouse bacon mac and cheese.]

Needless to say, we could have rolled home after all that food (not pictured: our requested second bread bowl and Caesar salads.) Thankfully, we'd gone for a pre-steakhouse-gym-session a few hours prior (Dion cardio gym for the win) and we were headed for a day at Smugg's the next morning.

It was a painfully crowded day at the mountain yesterday. Between the ski races going on and the fact that Saturday, in its single digit temps, would be the warmest day of the weekend, it was a zoo around every corner. However, it was worth it for some amazing powder skiing through the woods and all over Madonna and Sterling. You gotta take those days when you get them. 

Alright folks...due to the pressing nature of the upcoming game tonight, there's homework to be done before we order our Wings Over Burlington a good three hours in advance. Hope you all enjoyed today's Sum-It-Up Sunday, and I hope you all have fun at whatever parties, sports bars, or man caves you might find yourselves in tonight, whoever you're rooting for!

Stay tuned for the next What-to-Know Wednesday on the 4th! 

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