Sunday, January 11, 2015

Xmas Break Video + Blog Update!

Hello all! I hope everyone had a great holiday, and an even greater kickoff to 2015!

After three weeks of skiing, eating, working, and sleeping, I'm officially back for the spring semester- and I couldn't be more excited! We endured a lot of driving, unpacking, and resettling today- but I couldn’t let the first Sunday of the new semester go by without a quick update.

Around the beginning of break when I already had a ridiculous amount of photos built up, I decided I might want to take a different route for the returning blog post. Instead of attacking you all with an overwhelming outpouring of photos, I got the idea to make more of a highlight reel of key moments. (This way, I finally got to test out iMovie!)

So, I recorded videos all through break to be compiled later: rock-skipping on a frozen pond with Jared and my brother Colin, the two of them tasting a ghost-pepper-gummy, and our New Years skiing adventure to Wildcat Mountain, as we stayed in my aunt and uncle’s condo in North Conway, NH (featuring my cousin Dylan).

 I had a lot of fun making it, and I’m pretty happy with how it came out! I’m hoping to do more in the future…Jared brought up his GoPro for future Smugg’s trips, so it’s definitely likely that you’ll be seeing more of these!

Hope you enjoy! (Also, make sure to scroll down after the video for a blog update for the upcoming semester!)

I had a pretty awesome break- I like to think I hit the trifecta: I had a lot of fun, I was productive, and I got a lot of rest! What more could you ask for?!

As for the upcoming semester, I’ll be changing the way I do my blogs, so each post has more of a succinct point to it. I’ll be blogging Wednesdays and Sundays, soon to be known as What-to-Know Wednesdays, and Sum-It-Up Sundays. ;)

If you didn’t guess from their oh-so-clever titles (that I spent a silly amount of time coming up with):
- Wednesday posts will cover a different set of student life tips and tricks each week (like my post about class registration, my post about keeping organized, etc.)
- …and Sunday posts will “sum up” my week, highlighting all the things to do in and around St. Mike’s.

This way, I won’t be trying to combine these two areas into one big post, and each post will be clearer, more direct, and hopefully that much more helpful!

Wish me luck on my first few days of classes- and be sure to stay tuned for the first What-To-Know Wednesday on the 14th!

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