Sunday, December 14, 2014

Semester Farewell

Hello all!
As suggested by the title, this will be my last post of the semester. :(
But no worries, I will be back in 2015 (ohmygod) with plenty of photos and stories from the holidays!
Before that, however, it's time to update you all on the busy festivities of my week.
I've heard many say that it's not even finals week that's the scariest, but rather the week before finals that really comes for you. All your classes are rushing to finish up, any final projects or presentations are being handed in, and, perhaps the biggest burden of all, you're prepping for the huge schedule change in the week ahead (no classes, just studying and finals).
Fortunately, I'd like to think we made the best of our week before finals with my birthday festivities (woohoo!), as well as what was perhaps the best ski day I've ever had.
Heeerreee we go!

For those of you who may not know, it snowed here for THE ENTIRE WEEK. No joke. While we had to deal with the rowdy snowball fights that seemed to only happen after 11 pm, right outside our window, St. Mike's was gorgeous, and there was just that general first-snowstorm-excitement buzz about campus.

The pick of the birthday cards this year. (It's funny cuz it's true.)

Birthday dinner: our first time at the highly praised Our House (right down the street from St. Mike's), known for their crazy twists on mac and cheese. (They have an entire page of their menu dedicated to different spins on the classic dish.) I got the Shrimp Scampi Mac & Cheese (pictured above), and Jared got the Buffalo Bacon Mac & Cheese, complete with a buffalo wing perched atop the noodles. Just delish, and of course, very photogenic.
The best part? I had leftovers to bring for lunch to Smugg's the next day.

Church Street all dressed up for the holidays: an apres-birthday-dinner stroll. 

And now, the long awaited documentation of the best ski day ever.

No matter how long we waited in line or on the lift, I wasn't bothered by it on this particular day. With all the snow we got through the entire week, there was powder to spare: the mountain was beautiful, everyone was psyched, and the conditions were PRIME.

While it was a bit foggy getting towards the top, everything cleared up by lunchtime.

We spent a good part of the day at the Madonna lift, which is by far the prettier side of the mountain, if you ask me.

Into the woods we go...the best part of powder days? Getting to explore the hidden nooks and crannies of the mountain that you would otherwise not even consider. The glades were super fun, and too gorgeous not to get at least a ridiculous amount of pictures (trust me, I've spared you with the two). 

Normally, stopping for a picture in wind-tunnel conditions wouldn't birth this smiley of a shot. But this day was different.

I absolutely can't wait to (finally) get on my brand new skis over break, and it'll be even more exciting to bring them back to school in January for some Smugg's action. 
Until then, I wish everyone a very happy holidays and a relaxing break! 
Stay tuned next year! <3

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