Sunday, September 21, 2014

Welcoming Fall in Shelburne, VT

Hello all!
Parents' Weekend at St. Mike's has come and gone, but before I delve into those festivities, here are a few shots from my week:

#basic...well, almost: a mid afternoon pumpkin latte pick-me-up from Einstein's.

Another shot of the completed stone arch, it's looking great!

Spotted in Hannaford's at last...these things are my jam. Anyone else? Can't beat 'em.

 First experimentation with iOS 8's new time lapse feature...I think a landscape might be more appropriate for next time.

A night at American Flatbread in Burlington with family and friends. I was partial this evening to the veggie special: squash, ricotta cheese, tomatoes, YUM.

After stuffing ourselves to the limit at American Flatbread, we woke the following morning and embarked to Shelburne Orchards for day of apple picking. After weekends in a row of rainy Saturdays, it couldn't have been a more perfect day to celebrate the beginning of Fall.

Homemade BBQ sauce!!

We picked just enough apples to make some dorm-room-sweet-treats later on. Then we ventured into the shop area for some cider donuts, feasted our eyes on piles of pumpkins, shelves stocked with maple syrups and jams, and basked in the scent of pulled pork emanating from the grilles. We even made friends with a cute little pug running from family to family, begging for donuts. Hilariously enough, he wore a bandana reading "please don't feed me donuts". It became clear very quickly that's all he wanted; he moved on so fast that not a single photo was captured, despite my best efforts. (*sadness*)

On the way back...

 Couldn't help ourselves...such a quintessentially "Vermont landscape".

After a quick stop at the grocery store and dinner at Ri Ra's Irish Pub on Church Street, we got to our experiment of the turnovers in the toaster oven. And to be completely honest, we completely winged it. Didn't glance at a single recipe for a single measurement. With fear in our hearts and determination at our fingertips, we plowed ahead. Without further ado, Claire & Jared's Dorm Room Apple Turnovers:

 First, peel and slice your apples. (This was our most certain step.)

Next, mix in some sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, and lemon juice. (Once again, this was very much eyeballed.)

Next, dump onto a single pie crust, fold, pinch, and transfer into an appropriate tray. (This was where I had my first shreds of doubt..."we definitely put way too many apples in there." I also had my heart set on it looking pretty, but all I saw at this stage of the game were lumps upon lumps.)

Next, place them into your pre-heated (425 degrees) toaster oven, and pray.

30 minutes later...

Voila!!! Crispy, gooey, and just enough chewy...success! I would definitely add a bit of flour next time to absorb a little bit of the gooey, but it was still delicious, despite my previous aesthetic concerns. I plan on trying a different recipe for soft, cinnamon-y, microwaved apple slices for next week's post!

To finish up parents weekend, we ventured into Shelburne again this morning to visit the Museum. (NOTE: this is not the type of museum visit to reserve for a rainy day. Lots of migrating from building to building! Definitely come prepped. Today was intensely breezy, and I left my extra hair elastic in my dorm. Put a damper on the 'do, but not the day!)

Question: If you didn't do a Titanic reenactment, did you ever actually get on a boat? 
Answer: No.

All in all, the Shelburne Musuem was a gorgeous place with lots to see, teeming with Vermont history. (Our Jack and Rose bit was on the Ticonderoga, a steamboat that took passengers across Lake Champlain starting in the early 1900s.) I definitely recommend a visit on a nice Fall day, preferably with lots of hair elastics on hand! (Or rain jackets/umbrellas, boots, ski masks, whatever the day calls for.) 

Hope you all enjoyed my medley of Fall-opening-festivities, stay tuned next Sunday the 28th for more (including the second dorm-room-apple-experiment)!

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