Sunday, September 28, 2014

Bonus Summer Weekend

Usually I'm not very trusting of the weather app, but this weekend it spoke the truth. And thank goodness for that! I got to go somewhere that I didn't think I'd be able to go, due to our early signs of Fall.
But before unveiling my sun soaked weekend, here are a few shots from my week:

 Toll House chocolate chip cookies in the toaster oven! Closest thing to freshly baked homemade ones without oven access.

Fall is making vivid appearances all over campus. Directly above is the reddest tree I think I've ever seen, and I swear it's getting redder every day. 

Made a quick jaunt across the street to this cute little spot the other night. And just a little while later...

...oops, I did it again! The sky was fading into a lots of different colors, and the moon was at its perfect crescent shape. Couldn't resist!

As Saturday finally rolled around, as did the sun. And what better way to celebrate than to make my very first trip to North Beach? It just may have been our last chance before the cold hits, so we went for it!

It was such a beautiful contrast between Fall and Summer here. Between the mountains over the water and the colorful trees, it turned out to be one of our prettiest off-campus adventures yet. 

 Next came a delicious lunch at Vermont Pub & Brewery: a huge plate of nachos, some big juicy burgers, and a bowl of cheese fries with onion gravy. I was definitely thankful for my looser-fitting shirt on this particular outing.

After lunch, we took advantage of the beautiful weather and strolled through Burlington. As we enjoyed the heat, we fantasized about the cold in the SkiRack, dreaming of a nice new pair for the season.

Finally, we brought a perfect day to a perfect close with pizza, Parmesan bites, and wings. 

Today, however, I took a more homemade route in terms of dorm room cuisine. As promised last week, I tried the microwaved apple slices recipe my mom sent me, and they came out delicious!

So warm, soft, and gooey. I definitely recommend this's super quick, and its just enough for a little snack that you don't feel guilty after eating. It would also make a great breakfast if you didn't feel like braving the cold to Alliot on some daunting winter morning! 

I'm praying for yet another fun-filled week ahead to tell you all about next time! Until then, you'll just have to hope right along with me. I'll be back next Sunday the 5th with more!

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