Monday, March 24, 2014

Back and Ready to Go!

As expected, break flew by. We made the trek back to St. Mike's yesterday...always a beautiful one.
Mountains upon mountains...the whole way, I'm telling you!
And, also as expected, it's as if I never left. It's absolutely crazy to think that after just a few small hoops to jump through- housing, finals, and packing- we'll be gone for the summer! Summer vacation for college will certainly feel quite different from summer vacation for high school. That's something I never believed when I heard it as a prospective student, but I'm telling you straight from the heart now that it's true! You will form an entire new life at St. Mike's, intimidating at first, but it turns very amazing very quickly, and it's hard to even think about leaving it from May to August!
And now, a few quick snapshots of Spring Break 2014 after Montreal!
My absolute favorite way to eat an Oreo- shockingly, I didn't learn this beautiful function of peanut butter until POW (one of St. Mike's' amazing orientation weekends! Highly recommended.)
First day of Spring...please.
Just a little project to bring back to the dorm! (Almost gone already!)

Found my freshman year high school ID. Yikes is right. Quite the transformation between then and my St. Mike's ID now!

A quick note to everyone considering St. Mike's as this time of decision begins, this is an experience unlike any other...and you're invited! RSVP ASAP and any other acronym you can think of! See you all in the Fall!!!


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