Sunday, March 9, 2014

A Glimpse of Spring!

Well, almost. But it was close enough yesterday! When was the last time we all woke up to birds chirping over here?
It was a great time to be skiing yesterday- it was warm, the snow was falling, the ice was reasonably hidden, and there's definitely a level of thrilling adventure when it comes to your coat frosting over with the melting and re-freezing of the snow!
All this aside, it was an even greater day to be at Smugg's specifically. I'm not sure if this is the actual truth, but I'd like to think that it was all in celebration of a rapidly incoming Spring: FREE BEN & JERRY'S. Armed with Milk and Cookies and Cotton Candy, three scoopers hard at work effortlessly managed the line. With wishful thinking for warm weather soon in the back of my mind, it was a pretty magical experience licking an ice cream cone as the snow fell around us.
My first Cotton Candy flavor experience. Perfection!

It was certainly a well-deserved lunchtime reward after managing a certain level of treachery through the slopes above: fog is rarely considered a dangerous element to face, but I certainly felt like I was walking (or skiing) the line yesterday! Twenty feet (sometimes less), and that was it...a blurry wall prevented any and all feelings of security. A little nerve-wracking, yes...but we were forced to take it as an adventure. A little more snow and it would have truly been action-packed-movie material. 
The Artsy Experience: Fog at Altitude. (Movie title?)

Can't wait for some even Springier skiing in the (hopefully near) future!


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