Sunday, January 26, 2014

Missing All that Literature...

At first, I was a tad hesitant to get on board with the Saint Michael's Honors Program. I wondered if it would even be worth it in pursuit of a degree. After remembering, however, that it wouldn't hurt to give it a spin, I did just that.
So, I registered for one honors class for my first semester at St. Mike's: Imagine Nature, a literature class with an emphasis on the appearance and relevance of nature in novels, short stories, and poems. I figured it sounded fun enough. Little did I know, it would be the only class I'd miss upon entering my second semester.
What might be the best part about honors classes at St. Mike's is that they're guaranteed to revolve around small group discussions. Running the risk of sounding like an ad, this truly allowed us to become a close knit community, and dare I say friends, right there at that round table reading Robert Frost and Wuthering Heights.
And even with all that, we still managed to learn something. A lot, actually. As hard and often frustrating interpreting literature can get, this class made it fun and interesting...and with this group of people, it was the class I was happiest to go to and the class I was saddest to leave at the end of the semester. I couldn't fit an honors class into my schedule this semester, but I am far more than excited to be jumping into another one next fall.
That being said, I highly recommend the Honors Program at St. Mike's to anyone who may be on the fence or even dead set against it. For me, it was undoubtedly a fantastic decision that I'm so glad I made. It's days like these (deep, deep in this wretched polar vortex...) that I wish I had an excuse to lie in bed and read- even if it would be for a class. I imagine we could probably come up with some choice interpretations of this weather via discussion.

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