Sunday, January 19, 2014

Lazy, Last Minute, Late Night, Lousy Decision-Making

Or is it all that lousy, really?
That all depends on your outlook, of course. If you ask me, my spontaneous orders of pizza and wings tend to make my weekend. Think what you will about that, but I'll tell you that you won't understand until you give it a spin for yourself.
One of the many perks of being here at St. Mike's is its convenient location near Wings Over Burlington. Angelic wings, if you ask me. I've heard some say they're the best wings they've ever had. I'll say that's just about as close to a fact as an opinion is ever going to get. Not only are they the shining light of my meat experience thus far, but order them with a group, and all of a sudden you're engaged in a uniting community event. I'm partial to the boneless Jamaican Jerk, but the idea alone is a force strong enough to rally even the laziest of pals.
And of course...what better study motivator could there possibly be...?
In addition to the occasional wing order, there's absolutely nothing wrong with an online pizza delivery. Sounds fun already, right?! Domino's gets my preferred sausage, onion and garlic or my chicken, bacon, ranch pizza straight to the dorm entrance in usually under thirty minutes. The best part is, since so many St. Mike's kids order for delivery, they always know exactly where to come, no questions asked. Score.
Long story short, we've got ourselves some options here at St. Mike's. Options never to be passed up in fear of weight gain. And I mean never.

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