Wednesday, October 5, 2016

What-to-Know Wednesday : 3 Unwritten Rules of Getting Involved in College

Getting involved on your college campus can be one of the most important and fulfilling experiences of your college career. It allows you to branch out, be a part of a community, and give back to the place that's given you so much.

Make the most out of your extracurricular experiences by following these three key (unwritten, but I guess not anymore) rules of getting involved in college!

1.) Find what you'll enjoy.

This sounds like a given. But, it's important to recognize the difference between an activity you're joining or a position you're taking out of obligation or under pressure and something you're taking on because you're generally excited about it.

2.) Find a direction.

Pursue activities that will take you in the direction of your post-grad goals. Not only will this confirm whether or not this is the direction you want to stick with, but it will also prepare you for the type of work you hope to do down the road.

3.) Be realistic.

Quality over quantity, people. Taking part in a few activities that are truly important to you and your direction far outweighs taking part in several activities for involvement's sake. You'll avoid weighing yourself down and taking priority away from not only each individual activity, but your classes and relationships as well.

How do you make the most out of your extracurricular experience in college?

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