Sunday, September 4, 2016

Sum-It-Up Sunday : Week #1

Hello all!

It's been a busy first week here at St. Mike's, especially for all of us seniors! Between my Global Communications class and Senior Seminar for Media Studies, Journalism & Digital Arts, it's going to be a busy semester and year.

However, we were also able to enjoy ourselves a little bit this week. My housemates Marissa, Nicole, Regan, Olivia and I got settled into our townhouse in the 400s, and worked on creating a comfy, cozy common area for ourselves throughout the week! If you missed my welcome back post and digital townhouse tour, check it out here!

This week, we also started to get used to cooking dinner for ourselves. I'll miss the convenience of Alliot, but I'm excited to get into the swing of controlling my own meals, learning how to be a better shopper, and enjoying more variety!

You can take the girl out of the kitchen she grew up in, but she'll still bring Annie's mac & cheese with her to college! (Not the best example of our cooking skills this week, but it was probably my favorite meal!)

Also on the agenda this week was lots and lots of studying. Our first big step in Global Communications this semester will be a test on the map of the world at the end of this month, for which we'll need to fill in every country!

I'll be monopolizing the kitchen table every now and then until September 22nd. Wish me luck!

In other news, I was in charge of the St. Mike's Snapchat this week, and I'll be posting this coming week as well! If you aren't already, follow smcknights for a unique view of on and off campus student life!

After what was quite possibly the longest first week ever, we managed to have some fun this weekend and conquered our first hike of the year at one of our favorites, Camel's Hump!

If you didn't catch any of my rave reviews of Camel's Hump last year, it's the best! Just forty minutes from campus, it's one of the best hikes in the area with an unbeatable view. 

I hope you all had a wonderful first week and weekend! Stay tuned for the next What-to-Know Wednesday on the 7th!

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