Wednesday, March 2, 2016

What-to-Know Wednesday : Unwritten Rules of Roommate Relations

Whether you're living with one roommate or four, it's no secret that living in tight quarters with another person, no matter how much you get along, can get complicated every now and then!

Of course, there are no set rules for roommate decorum written on a plaque anywhere. But, there are a few unwritten ones that are best followed for smooth sailing between you and your fellow residents!

1.) Keep It Clean!

Not only is it absolutely imperative that you keep your area clean out of consideration of your roommate(s), but it's also important to do your part in cleaning shared spaces! Take turns cleaning the bathroom, vacuuming the common room, etc. Performing other small tasks at any given time, like taking out the trash if you happen to notice it's full, or turning off the lights at the end of the night, whether or not you're asked to, are also great steps towards being a considerate roommate. Think of it as being a member of a household- everyone should be expected to do their part, and sometimes that includes doing a little extra along the way!

2.) Sharing Is Caring!

Now is not the time to get possessive over the little things. You're living together, and that means letting your roommate use some Emergen-C or borrow a drying rack every once in a while! Chances are, they'll be just as generous in your time of need (and if they aren't, you might want to start reevaluating your roommate choices)!

Of course, asking before borrowing is always the best policy. Keep it polite, and you'll keep things running smoothly!

3.) Be patient! 

Just like you're bound to make a roommate-snafu every now and then, they're probably prone to a slip-up at some points as well! Always remember to be as patient and forgiving as possible. And as with any other relationship in life, communication is key! Avoid being passive aggressive or suppressing something that might be bothering you. Talk out any concerns or issues calmly and respectfully, preferably in person. Be open with your requests, and encourage your roommate to be open with theirs!

While it may seem complex now, living with a roommate (or roommates) can be one of the best parts of college! These tips are just a few steps towards establishing a great roommate relationship. But with an open mind, respectful presence and a good attitude, it'll come easily!

Enjoy the ride, and have fun!

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