Wednesday, February 24, 2016

What-to-Know Wednesday : a Guide to Staying On Campus Over Long Weekends

Hello all!

With a long weekend just having come and gone here at SMC (and a shortened week as a result!), I can't think of a better time to discuss some tips for those of you who tend to stay at school over these short breaks.

1.) Find a buddy or fly solo

You'll find that most students opt to go home over long weekends, so sometimes it can be a tough decision to stay at school if you think you might be left by your lonesome. But, alas, some of us live too far for a short stint at home to be worth the drive. So if you end up deciding you're going to stay at SMC, whatever your reason, be sure to ask around the week before to get a sense of who's staying and who's going. Make plans with friends who are staying, and if there aren't any, this is as good a time as any to fly solo for a weekend! Get caught up on studying, cleaning, shopping, and time for yourself.

Yes, I know I've used this photo about a billion times before- sorry, guys. It works for lot of things!

2.) Be aware of changes on campus

Alliot hours usually change over long weekends. If they're going to change, chances are the long weekend hours will either be posted in Alliot or sent via email. Make note of these changes and be sure to keep your eye on the clock, because the windows are typically pretty small. If you decide to make it easier on yourself and go out instead, make some cheaper choices, especially if you plan on going out or ordering in more than once or twice over the weekend. Some reasonably priced spots to be aware of include Al's French Frys, Papa Frank's, Chipotle, and anywhere you might have gift cards or coupons!

3.) Take advantage of the extra time

A long weekend on campus is the perfect time to do everything you haven't had time to do over all the other weekends of the year, to try what you've been dying to try, etc. In other words, get out those Burlington-bucket-lists and start crossing things off!

Happy long weekend!!


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