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What-to-Know Wednesday : Maximizing Your LSC Experience

Hello all!

There are many aspects of our education here that make the St. Mike's experience unique, but on today's What-to-Know Wednesday, I'll be focusing on a pretty key aspect: the Liberal Studies Curriculum!

Right off the bat, there's a chance you already have a few questions. First thing's first, you're probably wondering what the Liberal Studies curriculum is! Put simply, it's St. Mike's' way of ensuring a broad, well-rounded immersion in several different paths of study as they relate to your major and to the world around us.

More specifically, the Liberal Studies curriculum is a path of requirements that each St. Mike's student has to follow, including:
  •  First-Year Seminar: a course to be taken at some point in your freshman year, heavily based on writing and discussion, usually a small class size. A wide array of different First-Year Seminars are offered, ranging in different unique topics! (This is a super fun class if you pick the right one!!)
  • Philosophy Course
  • Religion Course (** You can take two Religion courses and one Philosophy course, OR two philosophy courses and one Religion course. Totally up to you!)
  • Global Issues Course
  • History Course
  • Science Course
  • Math Course
  • Foreign Language Course
  • Human Behavior Course
  • Art Course
  • Experiential Learning Course

You might be intimidated by the list...but trust me, working these classes into your schedule alongside your major requirements is really not much of an effort at all. In fact, you'll probably find that these classes will serve as a nice break in the day from your major classes. And depending on which classes you choose to fulfill these requirements with, you have the opportunity to make your LSC experience a lot of fun!

Which brings me to the actual point of this knew I'd get around to it eventually!...some of the best courses to take to maximize your Liberal Studies experience here at St. Mike's!

History of Rock & Roll

YES...this overview of rock and roll's origins from the 1950's-present day fulfills the History requirement!!

I'm currently taking the course this semester, and not only am I learning a lot about music I've been listening to for years, but I'm also learning a lot of new stuff and having a ton of fun doing it! A couple of friends and I just did a presentation on the effects of racism on rock and roll. Other groups have covered topics like music festivals, feminist politics in rock and roll, etc.!

First-Year Seminar: The Art and Science of Snow

I knew I wanted to take this first-year seminar from the second I knew it was offered! In addition to learning tons of cool things about snow through different discussions and projects, we did an overview of the Winter Olympics as it played out, spent class time outside observing the way snow coated different plants in the garden, and took field trips to the Snowflake Bentley museum in Jericho, VT and Smuggler's Notch Ski Resort for a snow-making presentation!

We also learned a lot of key writing tips, and even had a few conversations about St. Mike's life in general. The small class size and discussion format made for such a personal, fun, cozy environment that I looked forward to the class every Tuesday and Thursday! Consider this course highly recommended!

Creative Dance

It was just as much of a surprise to me as it is to you- St. Mike's offers several dance classes, all of which fulfill the Artistic Experience requirement!

Fun fact: Art is the last LSC requirement I have to complete! I'm currently signed up to take Creative Dance next semester (I registered this Monday!). Taking a Dance class has come highly recommended by two of the girls I live with, so I couldn't be more excited to have this in my schedule next semester!

What courses are you excited to take?

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