Sunday, November 22, 2015

Sum-It-Up Sunday : Week #12

Hello all!

It's been another wonderful week here at St. Mike's. With Thanksgiving break starting in just a couple of days, people are getting antsy and ready for some down time, family time, and of course, turkey time. But naturally, we couldn't let our last week before that go by without a few adventures!

Alliot hosted their annual Thanksgiving Dinner this past Wednesday. As I've mentioned many times before, this is one of the best nights at Alliot all year! We actually got there at a record 4:30 this year, so we had no difficulty finding a seat. (Yes, this kind of effort is required!)

This Saturday, we finally made our way out to the Cabot Cheese Factory for a tour, and of course, some souvenir cheese. (Did you know jack cheese is just once-washed cheddar? And muenster is just twice-washed cheddar? And Colby Jack is all jack, just half-dyed orange?!?! I didn't.)

On our way back from the Cabot Factory, we stumbled upon this cute little bakery called Rainbow Sweets a little ways down the road. This photo was taken of Jared's raspberry Neapolitan pastry after I'd already devoured my cream cheese pastry twist with raspberry (can you blame me?!).  

After Rainbow Sweets, we found this adorable covered bridge at Martin Bridge Park and decided to take a quick stroll to see what we could find.

After a little exploring, we found this cool little stonehenge at the top of a hill!
And naturally, when you stumble upon a stonehenge, a little "yoga" is imperative. 

Whether you're a prospective student or a current one, I hope you all have a fantastic Thanksgiving and a great break! Stay tuned!

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