Sunday, April 26, 2015

Sum-It-Up Sunday : Week #15

Hello all!
This week was the last full week of classes...this coming week, we'll have classes Monday through Wednesday, a study day Thursday, and then exams will begin on Friday! Thankfully I only have two exams, and then I have two big projects due for my other two classes.
It's definitely bittersweet, but I'm thrilled to be finishing up what's been my most difficult semester yet, to be heading to China so soon, and to be embarking on another amazing summer of work and play!

In other news, this will be my last Sum-It-Up Sunday of the semester! Thankfully, I have one of the most exciting events of the year to cover today...P-Day!!!

It certainly wasn't ideal weather for it (us sophomores have yet to have a sunny P-Day), but we certainly made the best of what was still an awesome day!

[Jared and our friend Brian amidst several renditions of Mumford and Sons, right before we broke out Cards Against Humanity.]

 [Brian's excellent candid work.]

At 3, the food tent was opened, and free food from a bunch of different local spots was available to all! 

I was most excited about this local spot...Ben and Jerry are such great guys.

Overall, it was a great P-Day!! Can't wait for next year''s hoping we get some sunshine for it!!

Be sure to stay tuned for the LAST What-to-Know Wednesday and LAST post of the semester on the 29th!

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