Sunday, April 5, 2015

Sum-It-Up Sunday : Happy Easter!

Hello all!
Sorry for the late post...but alas, it was a busy day! I hope all of your Easters were as fun, festive, and eventful as mine was. :)
Tonight's post will be a quick overview of my day this Easter Sunday with pictures and quick explanations.

 First thing's first...the Easter Basket!! A bag of mini Reeses' cups and a couple of Outback Steakhouse gift cards for a couple of cheat meals back at school!

 Easter blooms for the grandparents.

Church selfies. Before you yell at me, mass had not started yet! ;)

Brother/sister Easter photoshoot before heading out to the relatives for the day!

Mom's crab meat-stuffed deviled eggs! These, my friend, were to die for. 

Nana and Papa's festive Easter door! 

Dad's dinner trickery. 

 One of the many Easter desserts at today's family gathering- but perhaps the prettiest of them all: a homemade gluten free, vegan tart by my cousin Brenna!

Tomorrow, we'll be heading back to St. Mike's for a shortened, yet busy week! Hope you all enjoyed my quick Easter overview, and I hope all of yours were just as picture perfect. Everyone enjoy their night, and stay tuned for the next What-to-Know Wednesday on the 8th!

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