Sunday, March 8, 2015

Sum-It-Up Sunday : Week #8

Hello all!
I've made it through hell week...well, half of the two hell weeks, really. But I'd like to think the harder one is out of the way. I made it through two exams, lots of project work, and way too much more.
Thankfully, we had a few scarce moments that we allowed ourselves to relax and have fun this week. (Trying very, very hard to follow my own advice from the most recent What-to-Know Wednesday.)

Grainy sunsets...this little view behind Alumni usually has the greatest sunset lookout without crossing the street to what is more commonly referred to as "The View", which overlooks the distant mountains as well.

Scary selfies before Friday night dinner...

After a long week, we thought it would be nothing less than appropriate to reward ourselves. But I might have gone too far...
A fillet, some bacon mac and cheese, and grilled shrimp glazed with a tomato butter from Longhorn.
I know, I know. 

Saturday, we had a pretty full day at Smugg's. Ten runs, I believe. It was another relatively warm day, so we had motivation and energy to spare. 

As the Saturdays go by, I feel myself getting more and more used to this new powdery wonder that is the east. After all, the word on the street is that "the east is the new west". 2014/2015 will be a ski season to beat!! 

Next weekend as Spring break begins, I'll be blogging about our spring break 2015 adventure, which will be revealed then!!! ;)
But before that, be sure to stay tuned for the next What-to-Know Wednesday on the 11th!

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