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What-to-Know Wednesday : St. Mike's Favorites!

Hello all!
I've decided to take today's What-to-Know Wednesday to tell you all about some of my favorite things in, around, and involving St. Mike's. This will definitely cover a wide span of categories, so bear with me, but I hope you all enjoy, and I hope this post will turn you on to some of your own future St. Mike's favorites!

1.) Favorite Class

Right now, my favorite class of the semester is my Chinese history and culture class, "The Great (Fire) Wall of China". As many of you probably know from my study abroad post, I'm taking this class in preparation for my 2-week study abroad trip to China this May! (If you're interested in learning more about why I chose to take this trip and what it will entail, click on the link above!)
In case you were wondering (which I was when I signed up), the class is called "The Great (Fire) Wall of China" in reference to China's strict internet surveillance policies. (Get it? Firewall?) Also, it's kind of a play on words, because if you take away the "fire", you're left with "The Great Wall of China", which, by the way, yours truly will be exploring in a few short months!
In only a few short weeks, I've already learned so much about China, and it's making me more and more excited to finally go!

2.) Favorite Study Spot

While most flock to the library or Dion, I prefer to have my own space, so I like to do my homework in the academic buildings. (Either Jean Marie or St. Ed's.) What's great about doing homework in a classroom is that you don't get distracted by all the people walking by or talking. Or, maybe you do want to be able to talk to your homework buddy, and that goes over much better in the privacy of your own space. You can spread out all your stuff, you'll never be scrambling for a table, and you'll be in a much more focused mentality since you are, in fact, in the some of the same rooms where you have your classes.

3.) Favorite Place to Hang Out On-Campus

 I've never been to Gilbrook Forest when there's snow on the ground, but this is without a doubt my favorite place to go when it's nice and warm outside during those first few months of a fall semester. Whether you're just taking a walk, going for a run, or taking some pictures of all the gorgeous foliage, Gilbrook is a nice removal from the weekday stresses of campus, even though it's right across the street!
Nothing quite like a nature stroll to clear your head!

4.) Favorite Place to Hang Out Off-Campus

This one's pretty tough, because there are so many great parks and beaches and mountains to see, so many cool stores and shops, it's endless. So, I'll give you the one I've probably been to the most...

 If it's not too cold to brave the walk down, I always make my case for the Champlain waterfront every time we go into Burlington. No matter the time of day, no matter the weather conditions, it's always a breathtaking view. It's fun and relaxing whether you're strolling along the boardwalk or people watching on one of the swinging benches. 

Some honorable mentions are...

Smugg's, of course!

Shelburne Orchards! We fell so deeply in love with this place that we went twice this fall.

North Beach: a perfect blend of foliage, mountains, sand, and surf!

5.) Favorite Sit-Down Restaurant
This was another tough one, but I'm gonna have to go with Our House! We have to keep going back to try a new crazy mac & cheese. Plus, it's right down the street from St. Mike's! 

 6.) Favorite In-and-Out Restaurant

Easy- Chipotle, no questions asked.

7.) Favorite Place to Order From

Dominoes always has great coupons to choose from to get some awesome deals when ordering online, and there's never anything wrong with a little late-night pizza delivery to accompany a movie or your favorite TV show! Our go-to order is two medium pizzas and a bacon-jalapeno-cheesy-bread. A close second, of course, is Wings Over Burlington. (Which place we order from definitely depends on the occasion! Football game? You're gonna want those boneless wings.)

That's all I have for you guys today- I hope you enjoyed today's What-to-Know Wednesday, and here's to all the new favorites I'll be discovering soon! Be sure to stay tuned for the next Sum-It-Up Sunday on the 15th!

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