Sunday, November 2, 2014

Homemade Halloween!

Hello all!
Halloween at St. Mike's has come and gone...and as many have pointed out on Facebook and Twitter, the Christmas Carols may now commence!
Before I get into the festivities of Halloween, the process of picking, creating, and rocking a costume, and the inevitable benefits of going homemade, here are a few shots from my week:

 Voila! Last week's issue of The Defender, including my article, was published on Wednesday! 

Winter is definitely making an early appearance this year, especially within these past couple of days. And yet, it snows at home, but not here! So jealous. Had Mom send up a few pairs of gloves. (I guess the wishful thinker in me hoped that if I didn't come prepared, it would be summer until Thanksgiving.)

Sure doesn't look like winter yet, though!

We had ourselves a crazy sunset here the other night...I'm obsessed with this shot!

Another well-deserved lunch at Vermont Pub & Brewery: corned beef sandwiches with garlic mayo, and a side of cheese fries with onion gravy.

...soooooo cheesy.

Now for Halloween! Or, should I say, Halloweekend. Here at St. Mike's, Halloween isn't just October 31st. Most students make a weekend out of it with a different costume for each night, but this year, we decided to pour our creative juices into one especially great idea.

Deciding pretty early on that we wanted to take a spin off of one of our favorite movies, The Purge: Anarchy,  we took a stroll down to Party City and bought a few basic supplies. 

Even though we bought the essential building blocks of our costume, I still consider it very much homemade. We started with plain masks and some face paints, and got to work. 

A tester photo after we finished. 
While the white mask on the left was a direct re-creation of one of the masks from the movie, mine was more of an improvisation to ensure that people knew who we were supposed to be. Plus, I think it was also pretty creepy.
Since we were working with face paints on plastic masks, we set the paint with corn starch and a makeup brush. This essentially made the paint a part of the mask, and also prevented any risk of smudging. 

A more staged, fully dressed photo on Halloween. 

I mean...come on. 

As we hoped, we managed to scare quite a few unsuspecting students out and about. Could have done without being asked if I was a girl while waiting for my chicken patty at the grill, but hey, I guess that's what you get for taking the scary route!

It's always been a Halloween philosophy of mine to go the homemade route, and this experience definitely confirmed that for me. For starters, making your costume is not only a fun challenge, but it also makes Halloween a more inventive, authentic experience! Additionally, going homemade guarantees that you'll have a completely unique costume: no one else will have exactly the same one! 

If I have any advice for future Halloweekend-ers at St. Mike's, it's to not be afraid to veer from the cutesy stuff every once in a while (although, I'll give them a hand, because they all looked great), go for something different, and go homemade! Take it from me: aside from the gender confusion at the grill, we received many a compliment (and shocked, deer-in-headlights look) on our costume! There's nothing like the reward of gratification for all your hard work!

Overall, the moral of the story is, have fun with it, and dress to impress!

Stay tuned next Sunday the 9th for more!

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