Sunday, November 30, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hello all!
Here's hoping everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving- I have returned to St. Michael's, unpacked, and prepped for the last few weeks of the semester.
Thanksgiving was a good break (about a week and a half), just enough time to reboot my brain and get psyched for finals- papers, exams, presentations, the whole nine yards. But I had plenty of rest, fun, and food over break that I'm ready now more than ever!

Right before Thanksgiving hit, so did this epic snowstorm!! And to think we used to feel lucky if it snowed by Christmas.

Thanksgiving was amazing- complete with family, fire, and food. 

We had an amazing sky the other night...and according to Instagram, it seemed to be all over New England, not just at home!

A little baking for break- just store-bought though, nothing fancy. However, we did make some modifications to that grainy, heavy store-bought frosting. TIP: Add a little milk and whip it up with a mixer, and you have an entirely different (and totally better) frosting!

Then, the Cavanaugh's big annual pre-Christmas party came around!

It was a great night with great food, great people, and great sweaters. I got to see friends and family who I haven't seen in months, and in some cases more than that. 

Now that break has come and gone, it's important to get back into the school mindset! We have a few more weeks of go-go-go...lots of hard work and lots of library time loom ahead in my near future. Thankfully, it's only a few weeks, then we're released for Christmas! That'll definitely be sufficient study motivation.

Stay tuned next Sunday 7th the for a peak of my crazy schedule to come (and my first ski day of the season!!).

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