Monday, October 14, 2013

Some Foliage We've Got Here!

Dear Saint Michael's College,

Thank you for your beautiful foliage and wide array of Fall colors in this magical time of year- through both sunshine and rain, you are truly a beautiful campus.

On this past gorgeous weekend (before the showers came around), I finally got the chance to explore Gill Brook Trail. Shockingly enough, I did so in a tank top and flip flops, still managing to work up a bit of a sweat.

Thankfully, it dropped to cooler temps later that night when I ventured into Burlington, though I eventually regretted the flip flops- especially when we missed our bus back to campus. Luckily, a valuable lesson was learned. From here on out, Ben and Jerry's will forever be my go-to time waster. Nothing wrong with a little Mint Chocolate Chip. Ever.

Despite the almost hormonal ups and downs in weather through the past week, I was able to find a shining light in my several Instagram opportunities. Rain or shine, we've got a beauty on our hands:

Until next time! :)

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