Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Halloween was perhaps marked most strongly by my trip to Old Gold in Burlington the night before...after a long, uncomfortably frigid walk equipped with iPhone GPS, my boyfriend and I arrived. The intentions were a little less than focused- we needed cowboy attire. Fake guns, holsters, sheriff badges, boots...whatever we could stumble upon, really.
The store itself was welcoming in it's own Burlington-esque way...almost circus like, but a strange feeling of safeness accompanied me despite the walls of graphic masks. The last thing I would have expected to find amongst the miscellaneous clutter was a box set of every bit of cowboy garb we could want, but sure enough, our prayers were answered.
The next night we were armed, dangerous, and ready to dance our faces off. The dance was a pretty good time, the DJ was relatively impressive. It was nice to hear a couple of older songs (Shout, Dancing Queen, etc.), that's not typical with most of today's DJs. Nonetheless, it was MUCH appreciated!! Love me some ABBA. Always.

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